Comfort and service - but at Economy Class prices!

Much more convenient than a typical taxicab!

Like comfort? We can help !

Who will pick you up?

Usually, I will do it personally. My name is Joerg W. Lohfink, age little bit over 60 years (now) and I like serving people. Because I also appreciate convenience, I drive now this new Renault Master Van – a brand new model, finally here ! If you have never traveled in such a car, you really should try it! It’s like sitting at home; no problem with your back, plenty of room to work with your notebook if you want, -- in short – like flying First class, but on the ground!

Airport Shuttle Service

Corporate and individual travelers or vacationers can order my Airport Shuttle Service from/to Munich Airport, as well as hotel or vacation accommodations anywhere in Germany or Austria. I speak English!

From one up to eight persons and a lot of luggage have space now. I can save you the cost of a second car and while I do the driving, you can sit and talk together.

Missed the last connection to Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zürich or Basel? Flight cancelled? You don’t have to hang around overnight: Talk to the airline and you may find that it will be cheaper for them (and more convenient for you!) to have me drive you (3-8 passengers) Business Class to your destination rather than stay in a hotel overnight.

Want go with some friends to the theater or a restaurant? I will deliver you to the door and wait for you -- No problem! You all can all enjoy drinks and dinner and have a safe, easy return to your accommodations.

Business Travel Company Transportation

Are you visiting Germany with more than six people? No problem, I can organize a small fleet of vans on short notice.

An experienced chauffeur can help you make the most of your time, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. I will be your personal driving service. Always ready to pick you up, regardless of your arrival time.

Groups with more people can be served in connection with a near and very good bus-company. Traveltours through Bavaria, Germany or Europe are available in every season.

Because I run a totally personal service, I can drive you wherever you want to go, creating a schedule tailored to your needs and interests. Remember – this is a highly personal service. My trips are always arranged especially for you and your family or companions. I don’t just collect a bunch of strangers and pack them in for a quick trip down the autobahn! The personal nature of my service means we have no time pressure at all. YOU set the schedule. Want to linger at a stop a while longer? No problem! We stay as long as you want.

Sight Seeing

Most of the wonderful Bavarian Area attractions can be enjoyed in one-day-trips. Here, for example, is the Palace of Neuschwanstein. (Yes, it is the original castle Walt Disney copied for Disneyland in California!)

If you want to visit special places, just let me know before you arrive so I can organize your personal tour. Sight seeing tours of many European sites are also possible. From Munich we can drive to Salzburg or Innsbruck in about two hours. Vienna or Strasbourg in five hours, Berlin in six and even Paris in just eight hours, under normal traffic conditions. Also I offer special drives for Danube Cruise - passengers, if there is time enough with sightseeing on the way to or back from Passau.

My personal travel-guide, offers many wonderful places to visit and includes a treasure box of old tales!

For information on how to contact me directly and for prices, please click here. Each trip / tour is unique, so please feel free to ask questions and share your imagination with me!


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